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We're obsessed... 

With greatness; strategy-driven, creatively-fueled, results-focused, passionate, stellar humans.

A Photo of Charlie Fusco

Founder & Creative Visionary

“I could represent 1000 people, any number of celebrities, influencers, authors, millionaires and billionaires. But that's pointless since only a select few will make a true difference – and make my kids proud. I'm focused on representing real life unicorns."

The A-Team.


John-Michael Esposito

Executive Producer

When it can't be done... call him!


Vinki Oberoi

Social Media Maven

She just became a mom!


Amelia Granato

Marketing Asst & Sr. Copywriter

She is just plain awesome!

download (3).jpeg

Olya Donska

Socia Media Maven

She is crazy cool!


TJ Muldoon

TV & Radio Media Consultant

He's a cat guy!


Cynthia Karr

Content Editor

She's a real-life librarian, too!

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 12.30.35 PM.png

Jake Fusco

Research Intern

He's a video game producer when not interning!


Nikki Canale

Graphic Designer & Visual Artist

She's a mom & lead singer in a band, too!


Audrey Donegan

Brand and Content Coordinator

She moonlights as an interior designer, too!


Lara Frayre

Visual Brand Strategist & Designer

She's got mad skillz!


Nilka Gualtieri


She will out cook everyone!


Cinde Schumaker

Retail Publishing Consultant

She's a super mom!


Dana Hackley

Senior Technical Writer

She's got a Ph.D... hello!

Image by Jacqueline Munguía

Ava Gallagher

Marketing Intern

She's wicked smart!

Be A Part of Creating Dynamic,

Delicious, And Daring World Visions.

We’re always looking for brilliance. Beyond brilliance. More importantly we’re looking for character. As for our definition of character, it means exceeding expectations, being a cool human, and following the golden rule. If our values bring inspiration more than perspiration, please submit and we will be in touch.


Open Positions

Senior Copy Writer

Industry-Specific Writers: Creative Writers. Those who name things, craft taglines, headlines, writing for web, collateral, direct response, social, etc.


PR Gurus: Those who create opportunities in radio, TV, podcasts, and third party media.

Seeking Unicorns

Visionaries     Change-Makers    Innovators

It may seem strange for us to ask you to refer a client, but you may know of or come across opportunities that are not a fit for you but might be for us. We're always looking for those people that are unique and need elevation. In cases like this, we allocate a standard commission based on the lead potential and provide first right of refusal on the work you might do, assuming there’s a fit.

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