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A Photo of Charlie Fusco
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She's known for making impossible things happen.

Growing up in film and television, both in the "acting world" and in the "business world", she has a unique history and skill set. Her father was a screenwriter who owned both a finance and film distribution company, while her mother was a top real estate agent in Los Angeles. She's been on-set, off-set, on-screen, off-screen, in editing suites, and in funding meetings since the age of 6. Creativity, sales, negotiating, business, and entrepreneurial grit are in her bloodline.

She attended Northwestern University for a semester, seeking a degree in film, TV, and radio. The Chicago winters froze this California native. She then attended Boston University, where she received formal training as a writer, photographer, director, and as an art director.


In 1995, she moved to Portland, Maine and started working for Media Power, a very large direct to response radio company, doing copywriting. This was her first exposure to clients like Tony Robbins and radio hosts like Howard Stern. 

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Executive Producer & Art Director.

Over the course of nearly 4 years, she took her television background and convinced the company to produce a TV infomercial for their biggest client. Media Power gave Charlie a small production budget and let her run with the idea. It paid off when she delivered a monster hit that transformed the company into a major player in the TV infomercial world. She was promoted to Marketing Director and Executive Producer before the age of 21. Charlie went on to produce 4 of their biggest TV infomercials, more than 50 radio infomercials, designed their internal product line, and signed more than100 new clients to the company. As the company grew, so did her responsibilities. She took control of talent negotiations, media contracts, and helped expand the 200-seat inbound call center by designing the sales training and scripts for the agents.

A Photo of Charlie Fusco
A Photo of Charlie Fusco

In 2001, she left Media Power to start her own agency, Synergixx, in New Jersey. Her initial focus was producing TV and radio commercials to help clients sell direct to the consumer - pre-internet. Quickly, her agency hit $10M in annual revenue in the first four years and maintained an annual revenue average of $15M.

Omni-Channel Media Expert.

During this time, she produced hundreds of TV and radio commercials, infomercials, print campaigns, and online campaigns. She expanded Synergixx's service offerings by creating a 200+ seat inbound call center as well as a full media buying agency. You name the product and she has probably helped sell it.


As the internet became more and more disruptive to traditional marketing practices, Charlie drew on her background to help her clients keep their competitive advantage. She became very active in celebrity negotiations, talent deals, spokespeople contracts, and endorsement campaigns in order to keep her client's profitable in the new media environment.

Brand Evolutionist.

In 2013, as marketers tried recovering from a soft economy, different hedge fund managers, venture capitalist groups, and angel investors hired her to advise on acquisitions based on her industry reputation and involvement in omnichannel media.


From producing rap videos for Indie artists to partnering with reality TV celebrities on international product lines to media coaching major celebrities, her agency was anything but traditional. 

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Serial Entrepreneur.

In 2018, she sold Synergixx's assets and turned her full attention to starting and scaling TGC Worldwide with the vision of activating and connecting unique visionaries, change-makers, and innovators to create more good in the world.

TGC has put their one-of-a-kind clients on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today best-seller lists, secured movies deals around their memoirs, created an international expansion of their charities, and other achievements most think "impossible."

Keynote Speaker.

A Photo of Charlie Fusco Speaking

Charlie delivers interactive talks to both intimate groups and crowds of thousands at high-profile industry events. As an accomplished CEO, communicator, mentor, and consultant, Charlie’s presentations are consistently a crowd-pleaser for entrepreneurs, TV and radio hosts, as well as schools.

Podcast Host & Bestselling Author.

Charlie was formerly the co-host of the popular podcast The Good Life with Forbes Riley and Charlie. She has ghostwritten 7 books for clients to use in their company's marketing and published 3 of her own. Her business ventures have been featured in top publications and broadcasts nationally, including,, CBS Philly, SmartCEO Magazine, Executive Leaders Radio, and podcasts like the Creative Success Show.



"It's about storytelling. Your story can change people if you tell it with passion, to the right people, when they're ready to listen, and by including them in the telling."

That Girl Charlie

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