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Become a
Author and Increase Your Influence.

Your book going viral doesn't happen with luck. It takes planning, promoting, and a proven process. 

Become an Internationally-Respected Author and Increase Your Influence.

Our clients have become national bestselling authors, many appearing on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publisher's Weekly bestseller lists. Not by accident for sure.

We help authors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders define the audience for their book and activate that audience into a book-buying community motivated by their products and services.

Using a book to build a personal brand that helps a business become better known is a great strategy used by many of today's smartest entrepreneurs-turned-authors. They recognize the need for the level of expertise we possess is what is required to make a book an international success. 

It's About Sharing Your Voice.

  • Philanthropists

  • Provocateurs

  • Pastors

  • Political leaders

  • Industry leading CEOs

  • Change-makers

  • Multi-media influencers


A well-written, designed, and marketed book will propel your message out to the widest possible audience.

Become the Go-To Voice People Seek Out.


A commercially successful book gives you a new level of national and international recognition where you are increasingly viewed as an expert. You become the go-to person in your field. Your business grows, your stature rises, your fees increase—until you’re even more than a commercially viable author: You’re the authority.  

It's Not About The Book; It's About The Opportunities That Come From It. 

It Takes More Than Just Publishing.

For authors who have the resources, community, and time to construct a serious book marketing campaign, landing on multiple bestseller lists becomes very likely.

In order to appear on the most prestigious bestseller lists, such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, you need sales, distribution, publicity, and consistency.

What's The Big Payoff?

  • Authors of bestsellers become recognized for their expertise (think Daniel Pink).

  • Bestselling books get you on live stages (think Tony Robbins). 

  • Businesses started by speakers with bestselling books can grow exponentially (think Grant Cardone).

  • Bestseller visibility makes you the go-to person in your industry (think Cameron Herold).

  • Bestsellers and mass media exposure together lead to more bestsellers (think Suze Orman).

Four Main Focus Areas to Top the Bestseller Lists.

1.   TGC helps you develop real ways to sell books to real customers that make a real difference.



2.  Get your books into the physical and online bookstores. We work with your publisher to do this.



3.  Reach your prospective audience and persuade potential readers to respond to your message. Take media exposure in many different channels.




4. Securing critical reviews will help keep your book selling to new audiences.




Is Making a New York Times or Wall Street Journal Best Seller List Worth It?


The honest answer is that most authors will never hit those lists without extensive pre-planning, a significant marketing budget, mass media exposure, and a dedicated book launch team. The even more honest answer is that, unless you have a clear brand strategy for 'after making the list' - why waste the time and money?

TGC Worldwide clearly educates our clients on how to launch the most effective book marketing campaign possible. Done right, you will make a name for yourself, your voice will be heard, you will make a difference, and, with your newfound publicity and platform, your business will have a much greater ability to scale.

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